Vancouver Net Tuesday – November 2009

By Ava Naves, Principal


Another month has passed, and the first week of November brought us another installment of Net Tuesday.

This month’s presentation featured Steve Williams. The focus was on “Question Zero”, and why non-profit organizations should care about answering it.

I have recorded the presentation on video, and am painstakingly editing and uploading it onto YouTube. There will probably be three or four segments altogether, since videos on YouTube can only be up to 10 minutes in length. This is my first time preparing a video like this, so the process has been arduous. Forgive me in advance for the lack of stability in the image quality. Hey, I didn’t have a tripod, so bear with me!

So, without further ado, here’s the first segment. I’m planning on finishing editing and uploading the remaining segments in the upcoming days.

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2 Responses to “Vancouver Net Tuesday – November 2009”

  1. Thanks so much for doing this recording! I finally got around to doing my own writeup on my blog and have posted here, linking back (and profusely thanking!!) you for the video.

    Hope all is well.


  2. […] grateful to Ava Naves from Online Strategy for posting a video recording of the presentation here. Many, many thanks […]