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“Does My Small Business Need a Web Site?”

By Ava Naves, Principal


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at Freedom 55 Financial on how financial advisors can generate leads through social media and use social networks to grow their business. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience, especially at 8:00 am on a Friday! If you think that financial planners are nothing but stifled individuals with suits and ties, you only need to meet that bunch to change your mind. Laughs were had from both sides of the podium!

One thing that struck me almost immediately was that some financial advisors still don’t have a site. In fact, some of them even doubt the value of having one. What an eye-opener: here we are in the online marketing industry, presuming that every single business can take advantage of social media, when many don’t even have an online presence!

So, in true David Letterman style, The Online Strategy House presents “The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Site”. Pretend you can hear Paul Shaffer in the background… and let’s go!

#10 – You prospects will very likely check you out online when deciding whether or not to become your newest client. A Web site is a perfect tool to build their confidence regarding your company.

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Oy Vey. Redirecting from to Our Domain

By Ava Naves, Principal


From Flickr, via 106fm Jerusalem.

From Flickr, via 106fm Jerusalem.

Right after typing the above title, I remembered that today my friends of the Jewish faith celebrate Rosh Hashanah. So it’s probably very fitting that the title would be in Yiddish.

After four calls to GoDaddy and a few hours toasting with this hot (literally) laptop on my thighs, I have succeeded in migrating our blog to this new home… Don’t ask me how we were able to get this domain name to begin with. The stars were aligned. Or I had good karma at that point. Or it was meant to be.

At any rate, it’s done. There’s still a lot of work ahead – but that’s at least some progress.

By why “Oy Vey”, do you ask? Because it was an arduous process, at least for me! The first person I spoke with at GoDaddy intended to be informative, but what he told me was inaccurate (I was told that it was simply a question of importing content from WordPress into Of course, that would have meant that the couple of links or so that I have going to would not be permalinked to Not good. Hey, I know a couple of links may not be much, but one of them is from, from a blog post I wrote for Raul. You bet that I’ll try to maintain that link!

After that, I proceeded to make a search on Google for “redirect to domain”. And somehow I ended up finding this slightly outdated, but save-the-day kind of gem: a PDF by the folks at It contains instructions on how to get redirect a blog to a new domain, in terms that I could understand. And even a few screenshots, for good measure.

I will try and publish a post with an updated version of the instructions provided by It will probably save your from having to call technical support at GoDaddy.

Thank you, Merci beaucoup. Muito Obrigada. Todah Raba. You guys made me one happy gal.