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Empirical Example of the Power of Social Media for Businesses

By Ava Naves, Principal


There’s much debate about the impact of social media on companies’ revenue. However, no case study or research report hits the message home as much as “real life”, empirical examples. Today, I’ll tell you the story of how Bluehost got itself a new customer (and more revenue) through the power of social media, backed by excellent customer service:

Our client, In Order To Succeed, had been having a less-than-stellar time with their current host (HostMDS). During the better part of the last week, it has been a saga where their email service doesn’t work and the site has been down. Their current host is based on the East Coast, and their phone technical support has forgotten that clients in the PST zone may need their help from time to time. That’s why we’re not linking to their site – because it is “out of order”. But I digress.

As their advisor on these matters, we had no choice but to decide to move their site (and email service) to a new host. The question was: which host should we choose? Enter social media.

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