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Response to a Question

By Ava Naves, Principal



So, as it turned out, three days ago I received a question, submitted to me via my page on Cole Roberts, a very talented Vancouver photographer with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working, did the honours as the first “human” (meaning, not FormSpring’s own robot) visitor to ask me a question. Below is a copy, and my answer:

Q: How can I get my blog to be #1 on Google search for ‘Vancouver Photo Blog’

A: Hello, Cole – great to see you here, and thanks for being my first (human) visitor to pose a question.

So… how do you get your blog to be #1 on Google search for “Vancouver Photo Blog”?

As you know, this is not an SEO question that can be answered in a short paragraph, but let’s see what I can do to at least help you know a tad more today, than you did… say… 5 minutes ago.

First, the bad news: it looks as though you have your work cut out for you. A quick search on shows that there are 17,300,000 search listings for that same term.

The good news: I’ve been following what you’ve been doing on your blog, and you’re on the right track. That contest you ran last year (, which had the final draw broadcast on video, is an example of content that you can continue to do, to differentiate yourself from your competitors. One idea would be for you to keep on creating engaging, educational, informative, unique content on video, and post it to YouTube. According to data from October ’08 (eons ago), YouTube, at that time, had more than 65 million unique users.

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