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42 Ways to Sell More Online – An IIMA Event with Jason Billingsley

By Ava Naves, Principal


This was my first for-ray into live blogging. As such, forgive me in advance for typos, grammar errors or otherwise discombobulated sentences. The text below details Jason Billingsley presentation for the International Internet Marketing Association, covering the topic: 42 ways to sell more online.

Jason Billingsley is the founder of Flip Retail, co-founder of Elastic Path and the blog Get Elastic. He co-founded Elastic Path Software in November 2000 and held the position of VP Marketing where he helped the company attract over 200 customers. Global brands such as Google, Aeroplan, Nike, Time Inc., Avis, Samsonite, United Health Group, Telus, Garmin, and Sony. Most impressively, this was done with no outside equity financing.

Flip Retail’s mandate is to consult with online retailers on how to execute e-commerce best practices.

Ean Jackson is introducing Jason.

Don’t miss the events coming up in February, March and April. For more information, visit the IIMA website.

Jason got into e-commerce when he was 17 years, and his girlfriend asked him to developed a web page. From then on, he started Elastic Path. Right now, 140 people work at Elastic Path – one of the biggest success stories in the tech field in Vancouver. After 9 years, he retired from Elastic Path and is now a professional speaker and e-commerce coach.

Jason loves to travel and decided with his wife to go to a half-year cruise.

Jason is now talking and about to start presenting his presentation deck and the Elastic Path story.

Some of the clients in the Elastic Path roster right now are Virgin, Google, etc. For now, he’ll talk about e-Commerce.

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