Search Engine Optimization: Much Better as a Team

By Ava Naves, Principal

SEO is a team sport

The Online Strategy House recently presented a search visibility workshop to the staff of the British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council (BCPSQC). That experience really drove home the importance of teaching search engine optimization basics to a team — in this case, to the people who will create any content for their site, or those who, by virtue of their responsibilities, frequently come across opportunities for link building.

Optimally, several people will contribute blog posts to an organization’s domain. At the same time, those companies often have partnerships with others in their vertical, aside of taking time to participate in or sponsor industry events. When a team learns the relevant principles of on-site search engine optimization, from that point forward they see their day-to-day activities as opportunities for SEO. Those SEO principles then become ingrained in their modus operandi. For example:

  • Next time a manager contributes a blog to the company site, she will know that this is a chance to write a post according to the content strategy delineated in the organization’s online marketing plan. She will also be cognizant of the importance of incorporating the keyphrases that the online strategy has specified as relevant to that post.
  • The event coordinator will be aware that, by sponsoring a conference, there’s a prime opportunity to ask the organizer for a link to his employer’s site. Once adopted as a routine, this practice will help the company amass a good number of on-topic, high quality inbound links — the sort that will help build their online visibility.

When a group understands that individual, small commitments to search engine optimization amount to a large victory for all involved, they get excited about search engine optimization. The Online Strategy House makes a point of presenting SEO and online marketing workshops that are fun, and that engage even those who are not tech-oriented.

Employees are thrilled when analytics show that their blog posts received visits because they followed SEO best practices. They see they have made a tangible difference. And then, the enthusiasm is contagious.

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2 Responses to “Search Engine Optimization: Much Better as a Team”

  1. Ava Naves says:

    Hi Terrence, you bring up a good point. SEO is part of a bigger whole, and it will work so much better when there’s an overall pursuit of excellence by the company. That includes how they respond to complaints, how their Web site looks, and the quality of their products and services. When a company has some basic understanding of how organic search optimization works, they’ll likely intuitively understand that all those pieces are interconnected.

  2. Terrence says:

    I agree with this but I like to take it one step further than just blog posting. Most businesses don’t understand how to use the internet to engage their customers, and I’m not talking about putting up promotional material on Facebook. The one thing that always makes me chuckle is when you ask a client what would they do if their company received a major complaint online? Most businesses don’t know what to do, but if more people in the business had a basic understanding regarding SEO principles, then dealing with problem situations become that much easier, don’t you agree?