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Round 2 – Social Media Club Vancouver Talk

By Ava Naves, Principal


On Thursday, May 27th, Tris Hussey, Kemp Edmonds and myself are speaking at Social Media Club Vancouver’s event “Social Media 101: Strategy, Business

Social Media Club Logo

Social Media Club Logo

Intelligence & Metrics“.

The format will be slightly different from today’s presentation at Third Tuesday. Each talk is shorter (20 minutes each, with 10 minutes for Q&A). I’ll be speaking about integrating social media with the rest of your online marketing efforts. Tris Hussey will talk about harvesting Business Intelligence with social media, while Kemp Edmonds’ topic is metrics. If I may say so myself, that’s a darn good panel!

Yes, it’s $15. Why? Because the event starts at 6:00 pm and is scheduled to go all the way to 9:00 pm. And we don’t want you to starve, so we’ll feed you. We also need to cover the cost of the venue – so the cost of the ticket also goes towards that. We don’t keep a cent from it.

Stephen Hui, Technology Editor of The Georgia Straight, thought highly enough of Social Media Club Vancouver to write a blog post about this event. So, to use one of my favourite expressions… Don’t be bashful. Register now.

42 Ways to Sell More Online – An IIMA Event with Jason Billingsley

By Ava Naves, Principal


This was my first for-ray into live blogging. As such, forgive me in advance for typos, grammar errors or otherwise discombobulated sentences. The text below details Jason Billingsley presentation for the International Internet Marketing Association, covering the topic: 42 ways to sell more online.

Jason Billingsley is the founder of Flip Retail, co-founder of Elastic Path and the blog Get Elastic. He co-founded Elastic Path Software in November 2000 and held the position of VP Marketing where he helped the company attract over 200 customers. Global brands such as Google, Aeroplan, Nike, Time Inc., Avis, Samsonite, United Health Group, Telus, Garmin, and Sony. Most impressively, this was done with no outside equity financing.

Flip Retail’s mandate is to consult with online retailers on how to execute e-commerce best practices.

Ean Jackson is introducing Jason.

Don’t miss the events coming up in February, March and April. For more information, visit the IIMA website.

Jason got into e-commerce when he was 17 years, and his girlfriend asked him to developed a web page. From then on, he started Elastic Path. Right now, 140 people work at Elastic Path – one of the biggest success stories in the tech field in Vancouver. After 9 years, he retired from Elastic Path and is now a professional speaker and e-commerce coach.

Jason loves to travel and decided with his wife to go to a half-year cruise.

Jason is now talking and about to start presenting his presentation deck and the Elastic Path story.

Some of the clients in the Elastic Path roster right now are Virgin, Google, etc. For now, he’ll talk about e-Commerce.

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Online Marketing Social Life in Vancouver 101

By Ava Naves, Principal


A lot has happened since the last time I published a post – all very positive. In the meanwhile, here is a quick guide to some events that you might want to keep your eyes on, if you reside in the Greater Vancouver Area:

Third Tuesday – the last speaker was Tod Maffin. Well worth taking the time to attend this informative – and entertaining – presentation. Tod Maffin frequently makes stops around North America, so if you have a chance to go to one of them, I highly recommend it. If you’re lucky enough to see the presentation that I saw, it’s likely that you’ll never see bees in the same light. This meeting’s profile on mentions Joseph Thornley as the mastermind behind. Though I haven’t yet met him, I know that Monica Hamburg or Tanya Davis have always been doing a great job at organizing these gatherings.

Net Tuesday – I’ve already blogged about this event and included some videos. Organized by Elijah van der Giessen, this group focuses on social media and Web technology topics relevant to non-profits organizations.

The Vancouver Search Engine Marketing Group – if SEO is your thing (as it is one of my many online marketing addictions), you might want to check out this get-together. The latest meeting took place on November 17th, and featured a presentation by James Laitinen, from the International Internet Marketing Association, discussing why you should care about Bing in your online marketing tactics. This group is organized by the fabulous Mr. José Uzcategui.

A great resource to find other meetups around you is, of course, It contains a lists of meetups all across North America, and you’re bound to find a group that appeals to you.

So, you see, there can be an actual “social” element to your life in social media. Get out there.