Who We Are

The Online Strategy House is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, Canada. We were founded in 2009 by Ava Naves, an online marketer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our team has decades of proven expertise in Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing, Social Media campaigns, Digital Analytics, Email Marketing, as well as Usability and Information Architecture (UX/IA). Tell us what you need, and we will tell you how we can help.

Why Work With Us

We work as part of our clients’ teams and provide the personalized service that they have come to expect from our brand. Ava Naves is personally involved with each project, whether clients have a question about their strategy or need Web Analytics reports on results. There are no account managers between our experts and our clients. That is why we work with a very select number of clients at a time. In addition, because we see each assignment as a collaboration, we will only take on projects where we know that we can have a positive effect. Contact us to request a list of client testimonials.

Our Approach

Our strength is in developing online marketing plans where all the appropriate elements — Analytics, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Email Campaigns, Usability, etc —work together to help organizations reach their goals. The strategies that we create are firmly based on what makes sense given our clients’ target audiences, goals, and resources. We won’t incorporate the latest and greatest platform into a campaign if it is not in the client’s best interest.

Hire The Online Strategy House to design and implement your digital marketing campaigns, and be confident that your online strategy will successfully transition from paper to reality. Connect with us here.

About Ava Naves

Ava Naves began her professional experience with the Internet in 1991. For the next two years she was involved in launching and maintaining an online BBS (Bulletin Board Service). Her ambition then was to join her two professional interests — the Internet and marketing.

Finally, in 1998, Ava saw her aspirations come true. That’s when she first led a Search Engine Optimization project at Imageade, Inc., a Montreal business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency. She hasn’t stopped, and has since led several projects in the areas of SEO, complex social media campaigns, Web analytics, paid search, and email marketing.

In 2009 Ava Naves founded The Online Strategy House to offer companies the opportunity to work with an integrated online marketing agency where clients have direct access to the experts, rather than working with account managers and CEOs with little experience in digital marketing. Since then, The Online Strategy House has been sought out by some of British Columbia’s most prestigious B2B, B2C, non-profits and governmental organizations.

Ava Naves has spoken at several online marketing conferences, has been interviewed by some of Canada’s main media outlets and, in 2010, was invited by the University of British Columbia to plan and lecture a course on Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics for Web Designers.  Other speaking engagements have included workshops at Simon Fraser University and guest lectures at Langara College.

To contact Ava Naves directly, email [email protected]